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James Crozier enlisted very early in the war ~ September 1914. He was only sixteen and, at the recruiting office, his mom begged him not to sign up. He was her solely son, and too younger to go to war. Apparently, Major Crozier was there, and he promised the anxious girl that he would look after her son. Nevertheless, when James, cold, moist, dazed, confused, depressing and in ache, after spending the 1915-1916 winter within the Somme trenches, wandered off, this officer ~ the man who had promised to 'see that no harm came' to James ~ did not protect him, but said that his was not a case of confusion and disorientation, but that James was a 'cunning deserter', who had chosen to sneak off at midnight, discarding his rifle and ammunition. Younger Crozier was sentenced to loss of life. Older Crozier (no relation) really helpful that the execution be carried out.

Horses are masters of subtlety, which oftentimes trigger problems for we people (as masters of large bricks). The horse is primarily a visual communicator (we're primarily auditory), and they are able to speaking an unlimited array of thoughts and feelings by way of body language. Just as we use voice inflection and volume to talk-TALK-SPEAK, so do horses engage in specific degrees of body language. Communication could be talking - utilizing one or two specific areas, e.g. the pinnacle and ears; a more emphatic statement - using several areas without delay, e.g. ears, nose & head; or the horse's equivalent of shouting - e.g. pinning the ears again, a pinched nose, rapid swishing of the tail, and moving the top backwards and to the side to point extreme anger (the final group of indicators often preface a bite or a kick-see picture under).

Its birthday time again right here at Commander Eager Fans! Right now… The second of September marks our second 12 months of existence. What an fascinating couple years it has been. From discovering some awesome Eager artwork work to dressing up as Commander Eager and even playing some actually superior Eager fan mods.

In 1342, the Sultan sent Ibn-e-Battuta as his ambassador to the most highly effective ruler of his time, the Mughal Emperor of China. This was a golden chance for him to see China. He was born with a driving urge to see locations and meet people and wherever he went he studied the culture and customs and gained fantastic experiences.

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